Electricity Markets, Power Generation and Power Transport

  1. Who am I?

Electric engineer and energy economist with 40 years of professional experience in:

 2. What can we do together?

Electricity markets functioning. Setting up of company structure and infrastructure for power trading.

Emerging electricity markets and market’s transformation.

New functions and roles of market players.

Training in Basics of electricity trading and portfolio management. Trading agreements.

Training in electricity market analyses. Power prices formation. Basic fundamental price forecast.

Training in physical and financial trading. Balancing market. Standard and structured products.

Electricity production optimization.

Planning, Balancing, Hedging.

Renewable energy projects integration.

Strategies, PPAs, CfDs.

Analysis of trading risks. Risk components assessment. Risk mitigation strategies and management.

Setting up and training in cross-border power business. Cross-border capacity management. Electricity import/export/transit.

 3. Which markets?

Central and south-east Europe

 4. Clients and Partners

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 5. How to get in touch?

Plamen Popov


Phone: +49 163 6602 421

Location: I'm based in Düsseldorf, Germany